PicoWay® Laser Tattoo Removal

PicoWay® Laser Tattoo and Pigment Removal

PicoWay® is an excellent laser treatment for pigmentation, skin irregularities, tattoo removal, and many other signs of aging. It takes care of multi-colored tattoos on multiple skin types with the aid of special laser technology to bring comfortable and fast treatments, when compared to any other traditional laser tattoo removal technique available. It is vital to point out that most tattoo removal techniques are inadequate, and colors like, red, green and blue are highly resistant to treatment.

Treats a Broad Range of Tattoo Colors on Countless Skin Types

People get tattoos for different reasons and some end up regretting their decision for getting a tattoo, thus giving rise to the need for tattoo removal. Picoway® laser tattoo and pigment removal delivers vitality and is quicker than most laser tattoo removal systems. It is also efficient in expunging high pigments like blue, green and red. With its ultra-fast pulse optimization, the delivery of energy to targeted ink particles see to it that the ink is effectively taken care of, while the lowest amount of heat is transferred to the skin for minimal discomfort.

Minimizes Freckles, Melasma and More

The picosecond laser components of PicoWay® gives way for the removal of pigment spots including Nevus of Ota, Melasma, freckles, and solar lentigines (brown spots). Picoway® offers a safe, efficient treatment option for all skin types. It provides satisfying results after just a couple of treatments.

PicoWay® Splits Ink Dots Into Tiny Particles

PicoWay® uses ultra-sonic breach of energy to form photo-acoustic contact, which in turn breaks the ink cells into tiny particles. This laser removal works by radiating an original light beam that is absorbed by the pigment in the tattoo, which allows the laser light to separate the ink within the tattoo. With its dual wavelength, ultra-fast delivery of full, high-power energy, PicoWay® can fracture even the tiniest ink particles making it easier for the body to expunge the tattoo ink completely.

Practical Tattoo Removal in Boca Raton

Picosecond components uses high bursts of energy to create a photoacoustic impact, then breaks up the pigmentation into more tiny easily absorbed particles. Its antidote process has the highest peak power, which is the most brief pulse period for any picosecond device for capital effectiveness, safety, and satisfaction.
The number of treatments on this laser varies on types of pigment, size, location, and depth. Most treatments will require more than one session for maximum results, and sessions are performed at intervals of 8-10 weeks, with natural side effects such as skin darkening, skin redness, swelling, bruising and crushing. Uncommon side effects may be, temporary or permanent hyperpigmentation, scarring or blistering.

Fast track PicoWay® treatment to your skin with PicoWay® technology using the shortest laser pulse available measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). The pulses offer special treatment for signs of maturing, pigmentation, and skin irregularities. The results are clear to see with just a couple of sessions.
PicoWay® pulses can remove the toughest pigment inks and other skin irregularities effectively. The procedure usually requires fewer sessions, resulting in a low overall laser tattoo removal cost. Even industry experts strongly recommend this treatment. They see it as one of the most active and practical on the market.

*results may vary