Botox, Xeomin & Dysport

Differences Of Botox, Xeomin & Dysport

It is not easy to decide which is the best option for a client among the 3 injections. Every client is unique in his or her own way. However, the main advantages of each one of the injections will inform the decision to be made.


Botox is considered ‘heavy’ on account that it has added proteins on its surface. There is an advantage to this. For one, the proteins form around what is referred to as botulinum and whose function is mainly to accord protection. Without these proteins, perhaps botulinum wouldn’t last as long. For a deeper and concentrated wrinkling, Botox is a better option compared to Dysport.


This is a form of neurotoxin that has been purified. It does not have any additive proteins on its surface other than the toxin for botulism. This agent moves rapidly upon injection to the facial area where it is intended to improve condition. There is less risk of an allergic reaction or rejection for the client from the absence of protein additives. Understandably, the addition of proteins to the surface of these injections is what makes them heavy. This injection is best when one is treating a deeper wrinkling problem on the face.

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If you require several injections in one area, you do not go for Botox or Xeomin but Dysport. One of the noted benefits of Dysport is that it spreads and covers a larger surface area on the face in a short moment. It is commonly used by patients who have stopped responding to Botox. It has a fast reaction time, meaning that results could be visible in just less than 72 hours.

*results may vary